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Looking for the next level?

we can get you there!


All runners, from beginners to veteran race competitors, can benefit from personalized coaching and training plans. As experienced running coaches, we can offer dedicated one on one coaching services to runners at all levels in the Greater Cleveland area. We give advice and support to those who are new to running and to more experienced runners who are looking to improve their overall running fitness and to improve upon their race times.


At TEAM Nieset, we believe athletes can truly benefit from a Coach. We believe in growing and nurturing athletes through a real coach-athlete relationship.


COACH NIESET: Craig Nieset   (440) 231-9839
Coach Craig Nieset is one of the coaches for TEAM Nieset, his wife Jennifer is the other. They believe there isn’t anything special about coaching, but there is something extraordinary about learning from others’ research and experience.
However, Craig found that access to Quality Coaching is not always available and started TEAM Nieset with his wife Jennifer, to uniquely fill the coaching gap athlete’s face, of all ages and abilities.


As a Coach, Craig believes that there is nothing more paramount in an athlete’s career than achieving a personal best or otherwise known as your PR. Achieving that best at any age is entirely possible, but requires the combination of creativity and science that Coaches brings to you at TEAM Nieset.
Through customized workouts, thoughtful progression of intensity and volume, nutrition, and stretching, Coach Nieset is able to put the pieces of the athletic puzzle together with the athletes he works with. Coach Nieset guides his athletes through the years, weeks, and days leading into race day so that TEAM Nieset athletes are able to perform at their peak on race day. No online or self-coaching system is capable of observing, molding and managing an athlete’s progression like TEAM Nieset.


Craig is a certified endurance coach with USA Track and Field who has over 25 years coaching and training experience. Craig has learned many of his coaching methods through experience and going through the motions himself on a day to day basis for over 36 years.
As an athlete who faced a similar challenge when his access to quality coaching was limited to the years he was in school, Craig began coaching in the exact location where his athletic career started: in Northwest Ohio. He sought to bridge the gap between youth athletics and adult athletics, and specifically in the realm of running.
Craig has a passion for coaching, and TEAM Nieset has the vision to reach runners of all ages and levels.


As a coach, Craig understands all facets of coaching and the science behind quality conditioning and training to maximize physical development, no matter where the athlete’s starting place.
Coach Nieset also understands that in order to be the best athlete, there is a powerful mental side to athletics - through phone call coaching, as well as contact through text messaging, Facebook, Twitter, Periscope and other coaching avenues, he is the Coach you are looking for to help you achieve your Goals.


Coach Nieset also knows from his own experience as an athlete how a coach for an adult athlete is also different than a coach for a young child. That is, with family, work, and other life responsibilities, a coach should feel more like a TEAMmate than an obligation. Coach Nieset pays attention to detail with each of his athletes and their custom training plans.
Coach Nieset believes that a great coach should guide and shape each and every athlete.


Coach Nieset’s philosophy as a Coach is:
Each athlete is an individual who is part of a TEAM. The athlete must be trained to perform in their specific event(s) as an individual with certain abilities both physically and psychologically.
In the training of athletes in the area of my specialty, endurance, I look at the athletes training age and the quality and quantity of training they have completed in the past. The athlete needs to have an extensive aerobic base so their bodies can withstand the different types of training to which they will be subjected. There will be different levels of anaerobic and aerobic training per the individual, but they all need the combination of both to be successful in their event(s). I look to develop the athlete as a whole, before I develop them for a specific event.
The following are eight components of training I consider necessary for each athlete to achieve their maximum potential:


1. Strength              5. Endurance
2. Speed                  6. Psychology
3. Coordination       7. Nutrition
4. Flexibility             8. Rest / Recovery


Through my coaching today, I incorporate all of the above in my training of the athlete. I define each one in more detail depending on the individual and their unique needs. I believe building confidence in each athlete by working on his or her self-esteem, self-identity and self-confidence is necessary for complete success. The athlete must enjoy and believe in what they are trying to accomplish in their particular sport.
I believe that the planning of a athletes training program, no matter what level they are at, is essential in that athlete achieving their greatest level of performance for their TEAM.


Dedication, Determination, Desire, Discipline, Devotion, Destiny


Contact Craig Nieset  at  (440) 231-9839









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